Check Out My Interview With “Sorry” Songwriter Justin Tranter on Mic.com

I had the honor of interviewing the biggest songwriter of the moment, Justin Tranter (Bieber’s “Sorry,” Selena’s “Hands to Myself,” everything else good), about working on an entire Gwen Stefani album, how “Good For You” is actually about a gay guy dressing femme, and being the most outspoken queer male voice in mainstream pop music. This man is fearless. On a personal note, I am deeply inspired by his perseverance and how fiercely true he’s stayed to himself, even if that made his road to the top just a little bit longer. I, and most other queer people, see almost zero out and PROUD guys in popular music and Justin proves you can be everything you are, never cover up, and make it BIG. We have a long way to go and we need more people like him. Read it on  -> Mic.com. <-