Trapped in the Booth: The Plight of the Working Stiff DJ

Louie’s piece originally appeared on The Huffington Post

Disclaimer: This is a semi-fictionalized version of my all-too-real experiences working as a DJ in New York City. Most of the names of venues, organizations or people mentioned herein have been changed or, in some instances, totally pulled out of my ass so stop even trying to guess, cool? Cool.

Here’s a fun game: Tell people you’re a DJ. Then sit back, and watch them venture down a K-hole of astonishment, curiosity and, often times, only thinly-veiled pity.

Indeed, during my 5 years in the biz I’ve discovered telling people you’re a DJ is like telling them you’re a monkey: Some people think it sounds exotic and super-fun; others are pretty sure that you don’t bathe and that you eat your own vomit.

And while there is some truth in both of these assumptions, neither is altogether true. For most DJs anyway. Let me explain: Read more…